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Flat-Rate Graphic Design Service

Are you looking for consistent, high-quality, affordable graphic design work? Bee All Design is your online design team without the employment costs of an in-house designer. We are ready to get started on your projects today!

Month to Month Commitment Only

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No long-term contracts, you sign up for as long as you need us, cancel at any time. You control the costs; regardless if you have a short term or long-term need for our service.

We offer a wide range of design skills. You have a team of designers working on your account. We hire people who also have a speciality area of design that most people do not have a daily demand for but, when they need it, it's good to know we probably have someone with experience in that area.

You ask for it; we will do it. Whatever your graphic design requests are you're paying the one fee per month. We will keep working on whatever designs you need, not happy with the design you get back, don't worry you can keep asking for unlimited changes while you have an active account, we will keep giving you update's until you're happy.

Pro Tip Start strong by making a list of all the things you want improving, so from day one, you get them all queue up. We recommend if any projects need an improved logo that you make this your very first job, as logos can take a while to get perfect. Usually, logos lead how all future designs for that product or brand will look, so it's essential to get one your happy with and looks the way you want.

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From Only $299 a month

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Mobile Phone UI
Powerpoint Templates
One Page Website
Online Ads
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Gift Certificates
Job Post Graphics
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Banner Ads
Blog Post Graphics
Business Cards
Digital Graphics
Direct Mail Postcards
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Tour Posters
Vehicle Wraps
Website Buttons
Website Mock-ups
YouTube Thumbnails
YouTube Channel Art
And more just ask!
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Email Signatures
Email Templates
Etsy Banners
Event Graphics
Facebook Cover Image
Facebook Ads
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Print Advertising
Product Covers
Product Background Removal
Restaurant Menus
Social Media Banners
Social Media Graphics
Lists of design related that what we can do
Lists of designs that we can do are: Banner Ads, Blog Post Graphics, Brochures, Business cards, Digital Graphics, Direct Mail Postcards, eBooks
Lists of designs we can do: Logos, Meme, Mobile Phone UI, Powerpoint Template, One Page Website, Online Ads, Posters
Lists of designs we can do: Signs, Print Advertising, Product Covers, Product Background Removal, Restaurant Menus, Worksheets, Social Media Banners, Social Media Graphics
Lists of designs we can do: Gift Certificates, Icons, Infographics, Invitations, Job Post Graphics, Magnet, Letterhead
Lists of designs we can do: Email Signatures, Email Templates, Etsy Banners, Event Graphics, Facebook Cover Image, Facebook Ads, Flyers
Lists of designs we can do: Tour Posters, T-Shirts, Vehicle Wraps, Website Buttons, Website Mockups, YouTube Thumbnails YouTube Channel Art, And more just ask!

Plans to Suit All Budgets

Upgrade, Downgrade or Cancel at Anytime

To get started, we recommend going with the lowest cost Drone Bee package.

Most Popular

Drone Bee


Single Track (1 Job at a Time)
Next Business Day Turnaround*
Unlimited Design Requests
Unlimited Revisions
Unlimited Brands
Unlimited Users
Commercial Use
Personal Use**
Free Stock Photos
Source Files Included
Fixed Monthly Fee
No Contract, Cancel Anytime
^14 Days Money Back Guarantee, Zero Risk

View All Plans

* Average turnaround time to get your first revision back (for many this is also the only revision they need as they are happy with the work they got). Suppose your job is complicated or a large volume. For example, a newsletter/menu etc. then it will take longer (the designer assigned to your task can give you estimate), we aim to make you happy, but even our Worker Bees have their limits on how much great work will be returned based on what is requested.

** Personal Use: While the focus is getting things done for your business, you can order fun things like Party Invites, Posters for a school event and other items of a personal nature via your Bee All Design account.

^ 14 Days Money-Back Guarantee: We think 14 days is going to give you enough time to work out if this is the service for you. If you apply for a refund under the 14 day's money-back guarantee, you can use none of the work that we made for you as you have no longer paid for it. Only new customers are eligible for the 14 day's money-back guarantee.

Note: If you're VAT registered, as it's a UK company VAT is not charged under Intra-Community rules for VAT registered companies in the EU, and you can claim back the VAT in the UK if you're a UK company with a VAT number. There is no VAT/TAX added for people/companies outside of the UK/EU.

Here Are Some Examples of Our Work

View more high-quality graphic designs in our Portfolio.

High quality graphic samples

Graphic Design

See More Examples
High quality graphic examples

Graphic Design

See More Examples


Fraser2TheMax logo icon

"I have got all my channel art, social media art and merch all designed by Bee All Design and it looks awesome."

Paid on Results logo icon

"We use Bee All Design to support and supplement our full-time designer in getting more design work for clients done faster."

Paid on Results
Torrevieja Electricians logo icon

"As a small business that needs design support to do all our design work from adverts to designs for social media posts, this has been a fantastic way to have designers on tap without the cost of hiring someone part time."

Torrevieja Electricians
Small Business
Phoenix International School logo icon

"Being a school it’s unheard of having a designer on your staff, yet we need so many things designed that we use both internally and externally so a service like Bee All Design is a huge benefit for us."

School in Spain
La Strada logo icon

"We got our menu and signage designed by Bee All Design and we really happy with the outcome, we have since made pricing changes and it was updated same day plus we have the original files that we can give to the printers".

La Strada
Torrevieja Translators logo icon

"We only had our logo when we started using Bee All Design to do our complete business look from the business cards, to the website images, to the social media and paid banner advert designs plus we have had them do work in English, German and Spanish for us, outstanding!"

Translation Business
Madavoid logo icon

"I have had all my channel art, social media, thumbnails and merch designed by Bee All Design; services have been great especially when I order seven thumbnails on the same day, as we have been working together for a while, I can get them all back the following day without any changes needing to be done."


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