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Bee Facts: August 2019

Bee Facts: August 2019

Craving for more bee buzz? Here are more fun facts from our friendly neighbors – from its venom, its antioxidant property, and all the way back to the Greek Mythology, the brilliant honeybees!
Bee Fact #38: Bee venom

Honeybee Fact 38

Bee venom is used as a treatment for several ailments, including arthritis and high blood pressure.


Bee Fact #39: Apollo is the first beekeeper

Honeybee Fact 39

In Greek mythology, Apollo is credited as being the first beekeeper.


Bee Fact #40: antioxidant properties

Honeybee Fact 40

The darker the honey, the greater amount of antioxidant properties it has.


Bee Fact #41: Single hive can produce 60 to 100 pounds of honey every year.

Honeybee Fact 41

A single hive can produce anywhere from 60 to 100 pounds of honey every year.


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