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Bee Facts: December 2019

Bee Facts: December 2019

It looks a lot Christmas now, what’s better than Christmas this year? It is our monthly Bee Facts time again! These lovely creatures cannot stop being so amazing, so find out more below.

bee fact #55: Anglo-Saxons drank beer

Honeybee Fact 55

The first Anglo-Saxons drank beer made from water and honeycomb, with herbs for flavoring.


bee fact #56: honeymoon

Honeybee Fact 56

The word “honeymoon” is derived from the ancient tradition of supplying a newlywed couple with a month’s supply of mead in order to ensure happiness and fertility.


bee fact #57: Greater Honeyguide

Honeybee Fact 57

Humans sometimes use the Greater Honeyguide to find bee hives in the wild.


bee fact #58: distinct scent

Honeybee Fact 58

Every bee colony has its own distinct scent so that members can identify each other.


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