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Bee Facts: February 2020

Bee Facts: February 2020

Love is in the air and it is sweet as Honey! It is time for our monthly Bee Facts again! Discover how awesome these creatures are and find out more about them below.

bee fact #64: Bees use propolis

Honeybee Fact 64

Bees use propolis to repair cracks in the hive and to cover foreign particles that are too large to remove.


bee fact #65: House bees ripen nectar

Honeybee Fact 65

House bees ripen nectar into raw honey by depositing it in cells and fanning the nectar so that excess water evaporates.


bee fact #66: House bees collect pollen

Honeybee Fact 66

House bees collect pollen from returning foragers and pack it in cells for later consumption.


bee fact #67: Bees secrete beeswax

Honeybee Fact 67

Bees secrete beeswax and use it to cap pupae cells and cells full of ripened honey.


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