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Bee Facts: January 2020

Bee Facts: January 2020

It’s a whole new year for us here at Bee All Design. How better way do we welcome this year than we a bang of more bee facts, right? Check more of these brilliant creatures and find out more below.

bee fact #59: Bees have 2 stomachs

Honeybee Fact 59

Bees have 2 stomachs – one for eating, and one for storing nectar.


bee fact #60: Bees have existed for 30 million years

Honeybee Fact 60

Bees have existed for around 30 million years.


bee fact #61: Guard bees

Honeybee Fact 61

Guard bees protect the hive, stinging intruders and emitting a pheromone to warn bees inside the hive of impending danger.


bee fact #62: young larvae

Honeybee Fact 62

1% of the bees in the hive collect water. Water helps keep the hive cool and allows nurse bees to dilute raw honey for young larvae.


bee fact #63: pollen baskets

Honeybee Fact 63

Certain bees only collect propolis (“bee glue”), gathering the resinous substance from trees and carrying it home in their “pollen baskets.”


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