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Bee Facts: June 2019

Bee Facts: June 2019

Here we are again with our monthly collection of bee facts! Soak in for more below…
bee fact #29: The Awesome Honeybee Dance

Honeybee Fact 29

Bee Fact: Honeybees communicate with one another by dancing. More on their awesome sense of time, communication of distance and direction in “The Awesome Honeybee Dance”.


bee fact #30: pollination

Honeybee Fact 30

Bee Fact: Approximately one third of the food we eat is the result of honeybee pollination Source:
bee fact #31: The practice of beekeeping dates

Honeybee Fact 31

Bee Fact: The practice of beekeeping dates back at least 4,500 years.


bee fact #32: Bee lifespan

Honeybee Fact 32

Bee Fact: In their 6-8 week lifespan, a worker bee will fly the equivalent distance of 1 ½ times the circumference of the Earth. Source:
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