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Bee Facts: May 2020

It is time for our monthly Bee Facts again! Saying goodbye to the month of May and welcoming the month of June! Learn more exciting things from these lovely creatures down below:

bee fact #76

Honeybee Fact 76

Royal jelly is the food fed to queen bee larvae. It is a creamy white colour and is very rich in proteins and fatty acids. It is produced by the mouth glands in young bees. Each queen needs only a teaspoon of royal jelly to thrive.


bee fact #77

Honeybee Fact 77

The oldest bee fossil is 100 million years old.


bee fact #78

Honeybee Fact 78

Worker honeybees can fly up to 20 miles per hour (32 kilometers per hour).


bee fact #79

Honeybee Fact 79

A honeybee can visit 50-1000 flowers in one trip.