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Bee Facts: November 2019

Bee Facts: November 2019

It is that time again, the monthly Bee Facts you are all excited reading about! More fun facts about our favorite little creature here below.

bee fact #51: Napoleonic heraldry

Honeybee Fact 51

Bees were a very popular animal to include in Napoleonic heraldry.


bee fact #52: ancient Greeks

Honeybee Fact 52

The ancient Greeks minted coins with bees on them.


bee fact #53: Melissa, Greek word for honey bee

Honeybee Fact 53

The name ‘Melissa’ is derived from the Greek word for honey bee.


bee fact #54: Cave of the Spider near Valencia, Spain

Honeybee Fact 54

Stone Age cave paintings have been found of ancient beekeepers. The oldest known art depicting honey gathering can be found in the Cave of the Spider near Valencia, Spain.


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