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Bee Facts: September 2019

Bee Facts: September 2019

Here we are again with our monthly sting of bee facts! Enjoy another set of learning, this dates back way down history during the times of the Romans and Ancient Egypt! Scroll down a bit more about these lovely little creatures!
bee_fact_#42: symbol of love, beauty, and fertility

Honeybee Fact 42

The ancient Greeks and Romans viewed honey as a symbol of love, beauty, and fertility.


bee fact #43: bee fence

Honeybee Fact 43

There are people in Africa that keep elephants out of their fields by keeping honey bee hives around the fields in what is called a “bee fence.”


bee fact #44: paid their taxes with honey

Honeybee Fact 44

In ancient Egypt, people paid their taxes with honey.


bee fact #45: Beekeeping

Honeybee Fact 45

Beekeeping is said to be the second oldest professions.


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