Who Uses Bee All Design?

Who Uses Bee All Design?

You won’t be surprised when I say everyone that needs design work done but let’s look at a few examples of who uses Bee All Design and what they request and what they could be requesting.

The Small Business Owner

BeeAllDesign laptop imageVery few small business owners have the luxury of having a full-time or part-time designer on staff as the employment costs alone are often extremely cost prohibitive. For many, they get a logo, business card and headed paper designed and then do their best to put together other stuff they need using their logo often with very little computer design ability and lacking time to get creative, and it shows on the presentation of their promotional material. When a small business owner gets a Bee All Design account, it opens many design possibilities that you get by having a design resource available each working day at a set cost for unlimited design possibilities.


If you are a mid or high-level YouTuber, you know that it’s more than just editing and uploading a video. You have a lot of pulls on your time, everything from getting the correct Thumbnail, so people want to click on your video, so ensuring your branding across all social platforms is up to date, professional and constant. You may have a range of merchandise that you keep updated, changing looks for seasonal and one-off events. You may need individual graphical elements for inside your videos, Bee All Design works with some YouTubers both big and small to make professional design a reality for full-time professional YouTubers who need this resource.

Social Media Agency

Just about every business uses social media, and many companies use social media agencies to take care of their social media activity. A busy social media agency they must organise posts for multiple clients, from tweets to blogs and getting the right words and images can be very time consuming. For social media agencies Bee All Design take care of the images, so your clients are getting presented in the best light with professional designs that allows you to concentrate on the core message that you want to deliver for your clients.

BeeAllDesign laptop imageGraphic Design Agency

Are you a branding and creative genius, a senior designer in the business, yet do mundane tasks that take away your valuable time in creating high-level design strategies for your clients. Bee All Design can help by taking care of the jobs you don’t enjoy or worse yet jobs that your client must pay your hourly rate for that a much lower cost junior member of staff (if you had the budget) could take care of under your direction. Bee All Design can work as a resource for an agency or freelance graphic designer.

Software Development Companies

Many companies and individuals involved in software development are often highly skilled at using a computer and developing the product or service, but you don’t find many amazing coders who also are outstanding graphic designers, they exist, but they are few and far between and besides, your hourly cost for a coder is often way, way higher than that of a graphic designer so why tie up your programmers with design work when Bee All Design can be your design partner producing the graphical elements you need.

In this post, I gave you five examples of who could use Bee All Design but in reality, everyone that needs graphic design for a short time or all year round can use Bee All Design, and if you join our newsletter, you can instantly get 20% off your first month with Bee All Design.